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Donate To A Fund

Fund Name
Donate 1000 Lakes and Rivers Fund
Donate 1000 Lakes Scholarship Fund
Donate Advocates for Family Peace Endowment Fund
Donate Alan Seagren Memorial Scholarship
Donate Alzheimer's Family Support Fund
Donate Angel of Hope Fund
Donate Annual Grant Cycle Support Fund
Donate Ardell Simonson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Ball Club Playground
Donate Band Boosters Fund
Donate Barbara Anderson Fund in Memory of Lew and Nettie Berry
Donate Barbara Swentkofske Memorial Scholarship
Donate Barb James Memorial Fund
Donate Bena Local Indian Council Fund
Donate Betty Kauppi Music Fund
Donate Betty Shannon Scholarship Fund
Donate Bigfork Lions Endowment
Donate Bigfork Lions Scholarship Fund
Donate Bigfork Valley Hospital Endowment
Donate Bill and Ruth Powers Scholarship
Donate Bill Gray - Southwest Elementary -Scholarship Fund
Donate Bill Prigge Memorial Economic Scholarship
Donate Blandin Employees for Life Fund
Donate Bob Frick Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bonner Hockey Scholar Award
Donate Brad Smith Memorial Scholarship
Donate Bridges Mentoring Endowment
Donate Burgess Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Carl and Margaret Mickelson/Kiwanis Scholarship
Donate CASE (Communities Against Sexual Exploitation) Fund
Donate Catherine Anderson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Chad, Holly, and Hannah Davis Memorial Scholarship
Donate Children's Discovery Museum Endowment
Donate Children's Discovery Museum School Enhancement Fund
Donate Cliff Kauppi Youth Hockey Fund
Donate Coach Ted Brill Hockey Scholarship
Donate Coach Tom Drazenovich Scholarship Fund
Donate Community Cafe Endowment Fund
Donate Community Foundation General Scholarship
Donate Community Park Endowed Fund
Donate Corey Bakken Speech and Debate Memorial Scholarship
Donate Corinne Gibson Ivanca Family Fund
Donate Crisis Grant Fund
Donate Dan Retka Memorial Scholarship
Donate Dede Emerson Scholarship Fund
Donate Deer River Activity Boosters/Band Fund
Donate Deer River Area Community Fund
Donate Deer River Area Community Nonendowed Fund
Donate Deer River Schools Endowment
Donate Delbert Matteson Second Harvest North Central Food Bank Endowment Fund
Donate District 318 Endowment
Donate District 318 Nonendowed Fund
Donate Dr. and Mrs. Robert Kelly Scholarship
Donate Dr. Jules and Ilo Meyer Medical Scholarship
Donate Eagle Scholarship
Donate Ed and Eleanore Gregerson Scholarship
Donate Edgar and Hannah Hetteen Fund
Donate Edgar R and Bess R Mullins Award
Donate Edge Center Endowment
Donate Edge of the Wilderness Student Golf Fund
Donate ElderCircle Fund
Donate Endowed Sharing Fund
Donate Erling and Fran Willadson Scholarship
Donate Forrest Willey Memorial Scholarship
Donate Foster Love Closet Fund
Donate Foundation Fund
Donate Frances Bartos King-James E. King Scholarship
Donate Freestone Community Club Scholarship
Donate Friends of the Forest History Center
Donate Friends of the Forest History Center Nonendowed Fund
Donate Fund for Animals
Donate Fund for the Environment
Donate Fund for Women
Donate Gary Ehalt "His Love For Animals" Veterinary Scholarship
Donate Gibbons Family Scholarship Fund
Donate Giving Tree/Compassion Coalition
Donate G.J. Holt Family Scholarship
Donate Grace Christian School Endowment
Donate Grace House Endowment Fund
Donate Grand Itasca Clinic and Hospital Volunteer Services Scholarship
Donate Grand Itasca Foundation Fund
Donate Grand Rapids AAUW Anniversary Fund
Donate Grand Rapids AAUW Anniversary Nonendowed Scholarship
Donate Grand Rapids Area Library Foundation Children's Library Fund
Donate Grand Rapids Area Library Foundation Fund
Donate Grand Rapids Band Endowment
Donate Grand Rapids Farmer's Market Fund
Donate Grand Rapids/Greenway Swim Association Scholarship
Donate Grand Rapids High School Boys Soccer Team Community Fund
Donate Grand Rapids Public Utilities Community Caring Fund
Donate Greater Itasca Area Community Fund
Donate Greater Itasca Area Community Nonendowed Fund
Donate Greater Pokegama Lake Association Fund
Donate Great Minds Learning Center Fund
Donate Great Tails Animal Rescue Building Fund
Donate Greenway Area Community Fund
Donate GRHS Class of '85 Legacy Scholarship
Donate GRHS Climate Fund
Donate GRHS Post Prom Fund
Donate GRSB Financial Focus Scholarship
Donate Hazel Brink Music Scholarship Fund
Donate Herreid Deer River Fund
Donate Hill City Area Community Fund
Donate Hill City Area Community Scholarship
Donate Hill City Classmates Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Hill Lake Trail Association Fund
Donate ICTV Investment Fund
Donate IEDC Development Projects Fund
Donate IEDC Endowment
Donate Inger Local Indian Council (LIC) Fund
Donate Itasca Area Cancer Crisis Endowment
Donate Itasca Area Forest Legacy Fund
Donate Itasca County Family YMCA Operations Endowment
Donate Itasca County Habitat for Humanity Fund
Donate Itasca County Historical Society Fund
Donate Itasca County Sharing Fund
Donate Itasca County Trails Task Force Fund
Donate Itasca Driftskippers Snowmobile Club Endowment
Donate Itasca Hospice Foundation
Donate Itasca Life Options
Donate Itasca Orchestra and Strings Endowment
Donate Itasca Orchestral and Strings Program Eleanor Downing and Maxine Miller Fund
Donate Jack Gunderson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Jack Huhta Good Character Award
Donate Jamie Tennison Memorial Compass Fund
Donate Jamie Tennison Memorial Compass Fund Non Endowed
Donate Jan Ferraro Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Jeff Davies Scholarship for the Arts
Donate Jennifer Koprowski Scholarship
Donate John and Carol Setterberg Memorial Scholarship
Donate John & Frances Furlong Scholarship
Donate Judy Peura Hultquist Scholarship
Donate J.W. Kumpula Scholarship
Donate Katherine T. Dodge Fund for the Arts
Donate Keith Newstrom Memorial Aviation Scholarship
Donate KOOTASCA Community Action, Inc. Fund
Donate Kosak Family Fund
Donate K. Roger Betz Vocational School Scholarship
Donate Latterell Family Scholarship
Donate Lavona M. Jasper Scholarship
Donate Lifetime Smiles Fund
Donate Lilah Maddy Brandon Scholarship
Donate Lou and Mary Alice Barle Memorial Scholarship
Donate MacRostie Art Center Endowment
Donate Max Fulton Forestry Scholarship Fund
Donate McGregor Lakes Area Foundation Endowment Fund
Donate McGregor Lakes Area Foundation Nonendowed Fund
Donate MDI Success at Work Endowment Fund
Donate MDI Success at Work NonEndowed Fund
Donate MDI Success at Work Scholarship Fund
Donate Mel and Lucille Beier Family Scholarship
Donate Mel and Nancy Kooda Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Mental Health Education Fund
Donate Mike Washburn Memorial Scholarship Fund
Donate Minnesota Deer Hunters Association Endowment
Donate MN Shooting Sports Education Center Fund
Donate Mobility Mania Accessibility For All Fund
Donate Mockford Scholarship
Donate Myles Reif Memorial Scholarship
Donate Nashwauk Area Community Fund
Donate Nashwauk Area Community Fund Scholarship
Donate Nashwauk Area Nonendowed Fund
Donate Nashwauk Township - Cloverdale Fundraising Committee
Donate Nicole Calgaro Memorial Scholarship
Donate Noble Hall Field Improvement Fund
Donate Northern Community Radio Endowment
Donate Northern MN Builders Association Scholarship Fund
Donate Northland Counseling Center Endowment Fund
Donate Northland Scholarship Endowed Fund
Donate Northland Scholarship Fund NonEndowment
Donate Operating - Temp Restricted
Donate PATH-UP Scholarship Fund
Donate Petersen-Menefee Fund
Donate Power of Produce (PoP)
Donate Rae Graham Scholarship
Donate Randall C. Benson Family Fund
Donate Reif Arts Council Endowment
Donate Reif Dance Company Endowed Scholarship
Donate Remer Depot Endowment
Donate Restore A Smile Fund
Donate Richard & Elaine Aune Music Scholarship
Donate RJEMS School Climate Fund
Donate Robert and Shirley Bennett Scholarship
Donate Ruth Hurlbert Scholarship
Donate Scott A. Olson Memorial Scholarship
Donate Second Harvest N Central Food Bank Endowment
Donate S.Lake Local Indian Council
Donate Social Movability - Helping All People Stay Engaged
Donate Spartan Booster Club Fund
Donate Stanley and Helen Kangas Senior Sharing Fund
Donate Star of the North Lions Youth Fund
Donate Steven Pietila Memorial Scholarship
Donate St. John's Catholic Church of Hill City Scholarship Fund
Donate Streufert Peace and Safety Fund
Donate Strings Education Tax Credit Fund
Donate Sulo Herrala Scholarship Fund
Donate Sydney Gray Scholarship - Forest Lake Elementary
Donate Terry and Muggs Matteson L&M Appreciation Scholarship Fund
Donate Tim Murphy Memorial Donor Advised Fund
Donate Tom Drazenovich Field Sign Project
Donate Truman and Borghild (Bud) Shoaff Memorial Family Fund
Donate Turna E. Fletcher Scholarship
Donate United Way of 1000 Lakes Endowment Fund
Donate Veterans Support Emergency Fund
Donate Veterans Support Fund
Donate Wabana Community Fund
Donate Wade and Barbara (Danielson) Salisbury Family Fund
Donate Warren Youngdahl Fund
Donate Wayne K. Mills Salvation Army Fund
Donate Wayne Mills/Chet Johnson Rotary Fund
Donate Wendy and Denny Roy Donor Advised Fund
Donate Workforce Ready Scholarship
Donate YMCA Youth Program Endowment
Donate Youth for Christ Endowment
Donate Zack Adams Memorial Scholarship Fund